Nitrous Oxide Chargers
The use of cream charger
Since its advent in the middle of the 20th century, cream chargers have become increasingly powerful. With the ability to inject pressurized gas (nitrous oxide or N2O) into the liquid and inflate it safely and effectively, they have been widely used for various purposes, mainly in the food and beverage industry.

Not only do they have professional uses, they are becoming more and more popular in the home environment, as more and more people follow the example of experts and create their own gourmet masterpieces at home. As long as amateur chefs use well-known and reputable brands such as BlueFlag and follow the manufacturer's guidelines when operating, they are absolutely safe and easy to use.

But what exactly is the cream charger used for?

Culinary uses of cream chargers
The cream charger can be used for most uses in the kitchen. Here is a brief list of apps you can try at home:

Fresh cream. The most famous and common application of cream chargers is to use them for whipping cream. When the N2O in the cream filling tank is injected into the cream, it will react with the fat, gelatin and other stabilizers in the substance to produce a foamy texture. Since N2O naturally exists in our environment, it is possible to whipped cream manually-but the cream charger is faster and easier than whipping cream manually.

Mousse and dessert. Anyone who has spent a lot of time trying to make the perfect mousse will know that this is not a piece of cake (sorry, pun!). Just like whipping cream is a precise science, it is a tricky balancing act that ensures that you get the top of the peak just in time – but with a cream charger, the process becomes a pure child game.

Alcoholic cocktails. Foam and espumas are aesthetically pleasing additions to various cocktails, but the traditional manufacturing method (shaking the egg whites in a shaker) takes time and there is very little elbow oil. More importantly, egg white foam often makes the taste weaker and makes the nostrils uncomfortable. Using the cream charger allows you to quickly and easily add ginger, aroma and looseness to your drink, which is very important in a busy cocktail bar.

Infuse alcohol, oil, seasoning, syrup and marinade. Starting from the previous point, you can also use the cream charger to inject specific flavors of your choice into the alcohol... and this technique is not limited to alcohol. By putting the required contents into the container of the dispenser and injecting N2O, you can quickly speed up the infusion process in oil, soy sauce, syrup or marinade. What used to take a few weeks now only takes a few minutes.

The second application of the cream charger is as an oxidizer for hybrid rocket engines, although this is a more specialized use of the product, and proper education and training for armchair rocket scientists is not recommended. Keep going to the kitchen, you can't go wrong! BlueFlag can provide corresponding Nitrous Oxide Chargers and Cream Dispenser.

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