Nitrous Oxide Chargers
Food grade N2O suppliers
Food grade compliant N2O
The application of nitrous oxide in the food and pharmaceutical industries is mostly done through aerosol tanks. It is most often used in the drive gas in the whip cream dispenser.

Food and medical
Compared to food grade n2o, medical grade (USP) nitrous oxide is obtained from chemical suppliers and specialized gas companies that purify gases for human use.

N2O is the ideal medium for stirring cream. The effect of nitrous oxide on the taste of food is almost negligible and easy to use. Laughing gas as E942 is an authorized food additive and is used in professional kitchens and larger (company) dining venues.

Nitrous oxide can also be used in semiconductor production of electronic chips when the purity is highest (approximately 99.995 percent plus).

Food grade N2O suppliers
After Google search queries, you can quickly find a supplier of nitrous oxide. Most of these companies do not sell products to customers for improper use. The necessary evidence is needed to control and maintain the correct use of nitrous oxide. The main sale is nitrous oxide chargers, which are used in whipped cream dispensers.

Blueflag's trusted factory provides you with high-quality nitrous oxide chargers. n2o purity up to 100% and prevent gas leakage, products, packaging more lightweight and refined. In terms of marketing, we support product trials, shopping gifts, etc.
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