Refrigerator Water Filters
What your refrigerator water filter can not do
There are many refrigerator water filters on the market can filter basic water impurities. You may know the refrigerator water filter can't remove two kinds of pollutants at all. The two most prominent pollutants are lead and hexavalent chromium. Both pollutants pose a threat to households in the Chicago area.

But why is the Chicago area contaminated with lead? There are many lead service lines in the area, and there is a lot of lead pollution in the water. Although the city tried to replace these lines, problems still existed.

The correct filtering of such contaminants requires more power than the refrigerator filter provides. Instead, we would recommend more powerful filters, such as reverse osmosis systems.

Refrigerator water filters cannot protect your entire house. The water in sinks and showers also contains these contaminants and requires a high level of filtration. For families whose water is highly polluted, a whole house filter will be a better choice. Of course, the most important thing is to solve the problem of drinking water itself. A high-quality refrigerator filter can minimize and filter such impurities.

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