Nitrous Oxide Chargers
The history and use of nitrous oxide in the production of cream
Since the middle of the 20th century, whipped cream chargers containing nitrous oxide (also known as nitrous oxide chargers) have been manufactured. By the way, people find that like butter, nitrous oxide is used when making butter.

A dairy shop named Martin Prucha was a famous bacteriologist in the 1900s. Prucha is related to the disclosure of unfamiliar substances in dairy manipulators and utensils, which has inspired the widespread use of chlorine as a cleaning manager to eliminate microbes dispersed in dairy products and dairy products.

Before leaving in 1948, Prucha accepted a huge role in an important revelation. GF Smith is a chemistry teacher at the University of Illinois. Smith's name is Goetz.

Goetz is analyzing the shielding effect of engineering materials on butter under pressure (especially carbon dioxide). Gertz complained that every time he took weight from the jar and used it as a model, the cream would whip. After Prucha and Smith used canned food to make butter, they used nitrous oxide instead of carbon dioxide to limit flavor anyway, which caused a sensation.

Nitrous oxide is odorless, tasteless and tasteless. Smith, Prucha and Goetz have all obtained US patents for this idea. Choosing this idea has no commercial potential, and they communicate it to the manufacturer. Smith later formed an association called Aerated Products Corporation to promote this creation, and Gertz continued to serve as the head of science at the University of Iowa.

Then, the air circulating through the product company clearly funded the situation in the school, and further developed air route measures. Harry Pyneson (Harry Pyneson) was selected as the deputy director of dairy product manufacturing in 1946, engaged in cream applications.

Penison is also associated with extended work, teaching off-the-ground courses. By chance, Pyneson left the school and began to work as the research director of Redi-Whip, an inflatable product competitor. Redi-Whip has developed a disposable compartment and an alternative faucet.

Again, Smith’s interesting idea is that the whipped cream racks that must be refilled are heavy in those cases where “excess” is the main advertising method for buying goods.

Using whipped cream charger is very popular
Compared with disposable containers, whipped cream chargers continue to gain popularity in the process of enabling people to quickly make their own whipped cream in reusable whipped cream dispensers or whipped cream manufacturers.

The disposable cream charger has certain central points in its one-time use and redundant accomplices. If nitrous oxide is released from a non-essential tank, the entire bundle, tank and substance must be discarded. Of course, if the reusable whipped cream wholesaler loses the opportunity to use electricity, you can simply plug in another charger to repressurize the milk fat, and everything is ready!

The fresh cream dispenser allows you to incorporate your own unique flavor, concealment and delicate taste into fresh cream. Incorporate more powdered sugar during St. Patrick's Day to increase the fun and hide some food in the green cream. Finally, nothing should be said to vanilla, Fresh cream prepared with strawberries or caramel? Just join your #1 battle to eliminate or improve the syrup and perform some excellent memory tests!

The pre-made cans also contain certain decorations, such as mono- and di-glycerides, counterfeit flavors and carrageenan. What are you talking about? Just use heavy whipped cream, sugar and nitrous oxide whipped cream charger to make your own whipped cream.

The Nitrous Oxide Cream Charger was originally manufactured in Europe and has been manufactured all over the world up to now. A standard whipped cream charger is about 2.5 inches long, which is not actually an inch wide. These steel chargers are round and empty, completely healthy, and one end is modest than the rest of the body.

They are usually called spiral valve chargers. These chargers are inserted into a metal or plastic charger holder and screwed into a whipped cream dispenser. The eternally fixed entry pin penetrates the weak tip of the charger, delivering nitrous oxide into the whipped cream tank. However, the used chargers cannot be recharged, and where there are certain reuse procedures, they can be 100% recycled.

It is strongly recommended that you use chargers made in Europe, as their cleaning standards are generally better than those of various countries/regions. Up to now, the production cost of various chargers in China has been reduced, but customers still need to be cautious! There is no association to test the quality and cleanliness of these chargers.It is strongly recommended that you use chargers made in China, as their cleaning standards are generally better than those of various countries/regions. Up to now, the production cost of various chargers in China has been reduced,Users are welcome to come to consult.
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