Refrigerator Water Filters
Recommendations for buying a refrigerator water filter
Regarding the purchase of a refrigerator water filter, we have several questions to understand.

For example, why buy a refrigerator water filter, what are the benefits of a refrigerator water filter, what can it do, what are the main different types of refrigerator water filters, and what are they? Does the refrigerator water filter need to be replaced frequently and how often? When buying a refrigerator water filter, which one is the best, what can I suggest?

Most households prefer fresh and frozen filtered water, and refrigerator water filters are a convenient and inexpensive alternative to bottled water. These filters generally have a longer life than bottled water and faucet filters. It is easier to install and does not require any changes to the pipeline.

What does the refrigerator water filter mainly do? Yes, it can effectively remove pollutants and impurities. Of course, the type of contaminants removed also depends on the type of filter used. The filter medium of most refrigerator filters is activated carbon. More advanced refrigerator filters can also remove many other pollutants, such as: I and II particles, lead, mercury, cysts, turbidity, herbicides and pesticides.

Let's take a look at the different types of refrigerator water filters. There are currently two types of refrigerator filters:

The inline filter is relatively simple to install the filter. One side is connected to the house's water supply pipeline, and the other side is connected to the pipeline on the back of the refrigerator. These are useful for older refrigerators that are not yet equipped with built-in filters.

The other is a push-in refrigerator filter, and the push-in refrigerator filter is built into a newer refrigerator model. These are inserted into the compartment inside the refrigerator, making it easier to install. Just push in, tighten and replace the lid on the compartment.

If the filter is easy to install, will it always be safe to drink water? Not necessarily, it depends on how often we change the refrigerator filter.

If your household uses a lot of water, it is recommended to change the filter more frequently, every 3-6 months, usually every 6 months, because most refrigerator filters have a lifespan of about six months. Although some filter life may last as long as 12 months, but this is not much. If you can smell some smell when you open the refrigerator, this proves that it is time to replace the filter.

When choosing to buy a refrigerator water filter, which one is better? In fact, it depends on the model of the refrigerator. NF water filters come with a variety of refrigerator filters compatible with many refrigerator brands and models. When choosing the best filter, we can first find out which filter is compatible with our refrigerator. Here are some of our most popular refrigerator filters:

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