Refrigerator Water Filters
How to install frigidaire ultrawf water filter replacement

For safe and great tasting water, Change your refrigerator water filter every 6 months. And how to install the refrigerator water filter by yourself at home? Such as install frigidaire ultrawf water filter replacement.

Determine the location, the location of most refrigerator water filter elements is in the back,upper-right of your fridge.

Before you installation, please review use & care guide.

See filter finder and list of refrigerator fits models on

First ,to remove your water filter

1.Push to release older water filter

2.Remove and discard

Tip: Remove protective caps before installation

Secondly ,to install your new refrigerator water filter,such as eptwfu01 water filter:

1.Slide filter into housing and push until it locks

2.Run water for approximately 3 minutes or 1.5 gallons

3.Discard the water

Tip:Priming & flushing the system of impurities before use. Besides,Don't forget to reset filter status, See use & care guide for instructions.

Remember:Replace every 6 months or 200 gallons whichever comes first.

This is also a great time to replace your frigidaire air filter. Like water filters, replaceair filters every 6 months,It is better to take the opportunity to replace them together. Here you can buy refrigerator water filter, including Air filter, super cost-effective.

Enjoy long lasting freshness from today.

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