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Dangers of drinking tap water during pregnancy
Getting a positive pregnancy test can be a bittersweet moment for many expectant mothers. Sure you do have a young child and you start worrying about the three glasses of red wine you needed the night before, the caffeinated drink you had at the office last night, and the chamomile green tea you drank this morning. But have you ever considered the fluids you drink at home?

It might sound scary, but the water that runs off the sink can expose an unborn baby to a wide range of harmful complex toxins. One particular pollutant is arsenic, a highly toxic compound. Although arsenic exposure poses serious risks to humans, research has found that pregnant women and their unborn children are particularly vulnerable to its toxic consequences.

If, like most mothers and expectant mothers, you have questions about the health effects of arsenic exposure during pregnancy, ways to find out if you have arsenic in your drinking water, and ways to remove it from your water source, read on.

Like caffeine, alcohol, and some herbal teas, arsenic-tainted water should be in the "what not to drink during pregnancy" series. If you ingest arsenic, your baby may also be open to arsenic. This toxic complex of factors readily crosses the placenta, putting the fetus at risk.

Remember, fetuses are very fragile. Therefore, exposure to arsenic or other toxic elements during development presents certain difficulties. These possible health consequences include:

Increased risk of miscarriage, reduced childbirth and infant death.

Human brain development is delayed.

Difficulty with overall health afterwards.

Decreased vitamins and minerals in breast milk products

Impact on maternal health.

How to Remove Toxins from Drinking Water

You'll find questions about "safe" limits for arsenic in drinking water and the dangers of arsenic during pregnancy, so it's best to have a plan in place to lower your exposure. We recommend use 4396841 filter to filter the liquids you use in your home, whether it's for serving, cooking, making cocktails, making ice cubes and baby food, and more.

A water filtration system is probably the most beneficial filtration system that can remove arsenic from drinking water. Plus, they remove a variety of other toxins from the water, including heavy metals, nitrates, sulfates, and more.

Learn more about the ideal water filtration system edr1rxd1 water filter to remove arsenic from water: Best 9082 Refrigerator Water Filter for your home.

Regarding the purchase of bottled water, a consumer research survey found that some bottled water companies were contaminated with harmful levels of arsenic. On top of that, the cost of bottled water can add up over time, especially if you have a large family. Additionally, water containers of plastic-like materials may not be safe in the atmosphere and may even be effectively discarded.
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